Published in 2004! A Unique History Book from D.A. Brumleve
(Not available on microfilm)


Effingham News as Reported in the Effingham Volksblatt, 1884-1886:
Selected Excerpts in English Translation

photographed, translated, and compiled by Dorothy A. Brumleve
(Urbana: D.A. Brumleve 2004)
8.5" x 11", 234 pages, spiral bound.

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History -- written as it happened 120 years ago! Crime, accidents, commerce, entertainment, government, politics, transportatipn, births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries -- everything you expect in a newspaper! Tours of the Effingham Foundry and the Vandalia roundhouse, great account of the 1885 4th of July parade, and much more. Several stories are followed over a period of weeks or months. Includes surname index, introduction. Since the Volksblatt was a German-language newspaper, there's a special emphasis on German-Americans, but of course non-German newsmakers are also covered. Original German and English translation side-by-side.

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Surnames with at least 2 citations:
Allsop/Alsop Alt Althoff Arndt Bachmann Baer/Bear Bannin/Bennan Bartlet/Bartlett Becker Beckmann Bellchambers Bergfeld Bernhard Berning Bissell Blattner Boedker Boos Bosher/Bushur/Bushor Bourland Bowling Brahmstedt/Brahmstadt Braun Bremer Broom Brown Buckner Burbach Burger Burrell Butler Caldwell Campbell Cannon Casselmann/Casselman Clark Clutter Collins Cooper Costigan Crooker Curson Dahlen Daub Dennis Denny Denton Deters Dobbs Donnelly Doedtmann Dooley Drymann/Dryman/Dreyman Dust Ebert Eden Elbow Elton Engbring English Eversman/Eversmann Ewers Fayon/Fayan/Fagan Feldhake Feuerborn Filbeck Filler Finne Fischer Flach/Flack Fleming Fortney Freuler Friepartner Fruth Funk Funkhouser Gammen/Gammon Gassmann/Gossman/Gossmann Gerbe Gerdes Gilbert Gillenwater Gilmore/Gillmore Goodell Goebel Goldstein Gorrell Gravenhorst Green Greiner Greuel Groves Grupe Guyon Gwin Habing Having Hochlage Haeflinger/Hoeflinger/Hoefflinger/Hoefflicker/Hoeflicker Hammer Harman Harrah Hartmann Harvey Heffernan Heiligenstein Reinhardt/Reinhard Heistermann Heitkamp Heitstumann Hellman/Helman/Hellmann Hendelmeier Henning Hermann Hettinger Hill Hille Hilmes Hodebeck/Hodebecke Hoeny Hof Hoffman/Hoffmann Hogan Horsh/Horst/Hurst Howard Huells/Huels Hughes Huslage Hutchings Hynemann Jackson Jacobs Jakle Janson/Jansen Johnson Johnston Jones Jungbluth Jungmann Kabbes Kagay Kelly Kepley Ketteler/Kettler Keyler Kistner Kliesner Klink Knowles Knudson Kobold/Koboldt Koelker/Kulker/Kuelker Koenitzer Koester Kreke Lacy Lane Lange Langhof/Langhoff Lawson LeCrone Lee Lett Leverenz Lind Linn Little Loer Loy Ludwig Lukas Luno/Lunow Lybarger Marxmann Mathes Maurer/Mourer McClellan Meier Merz Messnard Mette Miller Mitchell Minor Moffit/Moffitt Moller Moore Morman/Mormann Murphy Mussman/Mussmann Naporra Niemann Noller Nolte Nosbisch Nuxoll O'Connell Ogden Osgood Ospring/Uhrsprung Osthoff Overbeck Painter Palm Pape Parks/Parks Partridge Pauli Paxton Penwell Pet/Pett Peters Pfeifer/Pheifer Phelan Pierman/Piermann Placke Pope Powell Rapp Rebel Reed Regelmann Register Reichhelm Reinhard/Reinhardt Reinholt Reis Reuther Reutlinger Reynolds Rickelman/Rickelmann Rieg Rinehart Ringwald Rohr Rost Ruesc