Our Summer House

We spent our first night in the summer house on 01 Aug 1998. We'd spent the day -- and a couple weeks previous -- trying to get the place in a condition to live in: evicting spiders, cleaning cobwebs, removing staples and carpet tack, vacuuming everything that would stand still...We'd purchased some furniture and other items at auction and brought others from home. As of the first night, then, our home was equipped with glasses, dishes, and silverware, an oak lowboy cabinet, an Eastlake dresser with mirror, two hide-a-beds, two twin beds, a sofa, two stuffed chairs, a canoe, a go-kart, and some less essential items.

Located in the Middlefork Township of Vermilion County, the property consists of 10 acres in a rectangular shape. Its northern edge is bordered by a dead-end public road which receives relatively little traffic. There are only a handful of neighbors on the road. The property includes a small pond and two meadows, numerous outbuildings, and a segment of the Middle Fork River, the only designated National Scenic River in all of Illinois.

The house is situated approximately at the center of the northern edge of the property. Six outbuildings intervene between the house and the pond on the west, and two outbuildings come between the house and a path to the river on the east. Some of the outbuildings on the west will be removed to afford a better view of the pond. The pond is bordered on the western edge of our property by a road and wooded area. South of the pond and up a hill is our upper meadow. Beyond that to the south and west is a forest. The Middle Fork River cuts across the southeastern corner of the property. At the river's bank is our lower meadow. Between the house and the meadow is a thick forest with a wide variety of trees. One black walnut seems to reach through all the other trees on the southern edge of the forest, and there are huge oaks and sycamores as well.


Barns and Other Outbuildings