The pond is to the west of the house and is the major focus of the western half of the property. The upper meadow is to its south, and a private road to the meadow and woods shelter it on the west. The northern edge is the road, but there's a large bank, so the pond can not be easily seen from the road. We don't think the pond is safe for swimming as it is, so we are going to have it tested and make improvements. In the meantime, it does support wildlife. Great blue herons are nesting there, and fish and dragonflies are plentiful. Frogs, deer, hawks, geese, etc., live in the immediate area.

A rickety bridge carries the more adventurous visitors from the main property over to the bank:

The family sits above the bank and enjoys the view of the pond:

We've got to figure out what these strange plants with one single leaf are...

Here's the view these guys are enjoying:

Neat, eh? Some other views:

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