The house is situated near the center of the northern edge of the property, up the cliff and off the flood plain. The pond is west of the house, and a treacherous path leading to the lower meadow and the river is to the east. A driveway goes around the house and exits onto the road on both northern ends. Outbuildings are lined up on both sides of the driveway.

The original house, built around 1916, was a 26' x 26' square with hip roof. It consisted of a large front room, a kitchen, and a bedroom. In the 1950s, an addition on the back provided a bathroom, another bedroom, and a new kitchen. A basement has room for a small workshop. The most original room in the house appears to be the original kitchen, now in use as a bedroom/hallway/sittingroom. Some restoration is planned in the older portion of the house, and we also expect to add a large porch with a view of the pond.

View of the house from the road, facing southwest.

View of the house from the rear, facing north. Caty is driving the ever-present go-kart.

View of eastern side of the house from the rear, facing north.

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