We purchased this two-seater go-kart from Farm and Fleet. We left it at the store until we had possession of the property. Then we took it out to the farm. The main body of the car and the roll-bars were still disassembled, but basically the machine was ready to use. We weren't able to store it in a shed right away, so we turned it on its side and carried it into the living room, where it sat for a couple days while we procrastinated. Meanwhile, Abraham decided to take care of final assembly. Of course, it couldn't go back out the door as assembled, so Abraham disassembled it and we took it back outside. Once gas and oil were added, it was ready to go!

The current track consists of the circle drive which goes around the back of our house and back to the road. A wide shoulder in front of our fence serves as the northern leg of the track. A more extensive and challenging track in the upper meadow is planned.

Here, Abraham demonstrates his friendly driving habits. The 1916 barn is in the background at the right.

Catherine plows off the track to make sure I get a good shot. The workshop is to the left and the rear-view of the house is to the right.

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