Barns and Other Outbuildings

The barns range from an outhouse-sized shed to a concrete block workshop. We'll be axing several of the outbuildings within the next year, but some will stay for practical and historical reasons.

This is the front (eastern side) of our "bat barn". An inscription in the rafters dates it to 1916. It includes an open shed and a corncrib. Bats have taken up residence in the barn. We plan to restore it and make use of it. Here's the rear (western side) of the bat barn. To the left can be seen the roof of the concrete block workshop:

Down the hill from the bat barn is a woods:

The property's burn barrel (garbage can) is located there.

Here's the proud owner at the entrance to the workshop:

The above horse barn, tool shed, and propane tank are located on the north end of the property east of the house.

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