Brumleve Family Grand Reunion Report
Teutopolis, Illinois

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In the mid-19th Century, five Brothers Brumleve immigrated to the United States from Lengerich (Emsland), Germany.

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and also    Reiseland Emsland (auf Deutsch)

(Note there are 2 cities called Lengerich in Germany.  Our ancestors are from Lengerich in Emsland (~15 km east of Lingen), not from Lengerich in Westphalia).

Clemens & Aloysius settled in Teutopolis Illinois, while Leo, Anton, and Bernard settled in Louisville Kentucky. Three more brothers, Benedict, Johann, and Philipp, stayed home in Germany. Brumleve cousins of these brothers settled in and near St. Louis Missouri and Alton Illinois. The Brumleve Family Grand Reunion brought the modern-day descendants of each branch of the family together for the first time in over 150 years!

An estimated 250 participants came from as far away as Germany and from all over the US to celebrate in Teutopolis' Mini-Park Pavilion.

Brumleve descendants Joyce and Ray Vahling of Teutopolis and the Monastery Museum Committee opened the Museum and St. Francis Catholic Church especially for the reunion-goers. Over 90 family members were treated to a special display of family treasures, including immigrant Clemens Brumleve's family Bible, passport, and birth certificate.

Nick and Janice Niemeyer and family, current owners of Clemens' pre-1850 home on Walnut Street in Teutopolis, graciously opened this fascinating house to dozens of Brumleve family members free of charge.

The highlight of the event was originally scheduled to be held in the pavilion late in the afternoon. Sweltering heat drove the festivities inside into the Museum diningroom, where Storyteller Romaine Brumleve of Park Forest, sister of former Teutopolis High School principal Donald E. Brumleve, told the story of the Brumleve immigration to a packed house.

Donald J. Brumleve of Brumleve Industries in Teutopolis provided overflow seating. Alice Colombo of Louisville provided door prizes to the youngest and oldest participants.


A few descendants braved the heat for a visit to early Brumleve graves at St. Francis Cemetery. Participants made introductions, shared memories, compared positions on descendants charts, and swapped photographs throughout the afternoon under the pavilion and in the Museum diningroom. Timothy R. Brumleve supplied lemonade.


There were representatives from every branch of the line present: from each of the two brothers who settled in Teutopolis, from each of the three brothers who settled in Louisville, and from each of the three brothers who stayed home in the Old Country. Descendants of St. Louis-based cousins of the immigrant brothers were also among the attendees. They may spell the name with "u", "ue", or "ü", and pronunciation varies with region, but participants were impressed that it's all one family -- and a big family, at that!


Visitors to Teutopolis were impressed with the suitability of the facilities for this purpose and grateful for the hospitality of the townspeople, who also accommodated other reunions, a wedding, a parade of cars, and other events held within the same few blocks that day. Thanks to all for their cooperation in making this event a success. A grand time was had by all!

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