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In the mid-1800s, five brothers named Brümleve made their way from the tiny village of Lengerich, near Lingen in Northern Germany, to the United States. Three of these brothers, Leo, Anton, and Bernard, settled in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Two others, Clemens and Aloysius, made their homes in Teutopolis, Effingham County, Illinois. Another three brothers, Benedict, Johann Bernard, and Philipp, married and raised their children in the German village of their birth. This single nuclear family accounts for nearly all Americans and Germans surnamed Brumleve and Brümleve today!

A book published in 1996 is the result of years of full-time scholarly study, including time spent on location in Louisville, Teutopolis, and Lengerich:

A Family Abroad: Aloysius Brümleve of Lengerich and his Brothers
by D.A. Brumleve, M.A. Urbana Illinois: 1996 (over 350 pages)

The book provides a detailed biography of the father of this family, Bernard Johann Franziskus Brümleve, and of each of his sons. From the floorplan of the home in which the brothers were born to the will that changed Benedict's profession overnight, from Clemens' passport and the reason he gave for emigrating from Germany to the trip Aloysius made to visit his brothers in Louisville, from the letter that told Leo's bride it was time to join him to the purchase of cloth to make Bernard a winter coat, each biography brings you a real person, a genuine history, not merely a name and some dates.

Each chapter is supported by illustrations, including photographs, maps, floorplans, and artifacts. The research is documented in detail, with same-page footnotes and a bibliography listing hundreds of documents and publications. The index contains over 3500 individuals. Each biography is accompanied by a uniquely easy-to-understand chart, designed by the author, showing each brother's descendants through to his grandchildren, complete with citations of sources for all information provided. Appendices explore earlier members of the family, including two 16th-Century priests, and other Brümleves who immigrated to America.

The author is a professional writer, fluent in German, with expertise in archaic scripts and historical research. The book is designed to survive for generations; it is printed on archival quality paper and handbound with cloth covers. A built-in ribbon marker allows easy reference to the section of the reader's choice.

Copies of the book are currently available. The price is $75 per copy, and shipping within the US is an additional $6. To place an order or to inquire about it, please contact us via e-mail . We welcome correspondence from our cousins and distant relatives !

Timothy R. Brumleve
607 West Illinois Street
Urbana, IL 61801
United States
Telephone: +217 337 1937

The following surnames appear among descendants and spouses in the first three generations:

Brümleve Feldker Biermann Dolle Doldrop Dalderup Erdmann Stoke Lünnemann Luennemann Schueler Schoo Sweeney Miller Dinklage Graeve Gräve Beimes Holterhaus Albers Düsen Göke Kallage Kuper Theisling Völker Völker-Albert Bachmann Valks Möllmann Moellmann Drummond Mayer Sandman Leffert Dresel Heidlinger Brill Megowan Valla Moore Yager Lentz Greive Kluesner Bender Corn Connaughton Bimmerle Hagen Paslick Dabney Huber Wilkinson Berendsen Kuepers Huckenbeck Hukenbeck Schuler Wehrley Dreps Wimberg Heindirk Yuhr Kehlenbrink Burk Kuhl Weidekamp Weber Gerling Platenberg Schmidt Kettler Lodenkemper Elfrig Pope Roehm Lichtefeld Fischer Wulf Weis Buchheit Stabile Laut Kirche Gottbrath Schroeder Beckmann Schuppert Guenthner Blessinger Mattingly Wernert Wafzig Holtman Hettinger Ashby Lechleiter Leibert Mohr Grove Schumacher Borlinghaus Ruholl Hoedebecke Dust Siemer Thoele Hakman Quatman Vahling Hardiek Einhorn Schloegl Basler Niemeyer Maurer Uptmor Rau Aumann Hattrup Sullivan Huelsbusch Stephens Bunning Gill Drake O'Mara Hammack Kelly Schlanzer Schlanser Willenborg Bushur Spour Adam Adams Smith Mead Burgner Dasenbrock Lustig Koester Althoff Schniederjan Schneiderjan Davis Cox Flusche Zettler Pagel Woods Nehib Bumpass

Further information about the book and its contents is available on  The Brümleve / Brumleve Family Home Page at the Family Tree Maker website.

For more information on -- or to help with -- any aspect of our famliy history, please send e-mail to Tim Brumleve. Some limited  research does continue.  If you have documents, photographs, or other information that might prove useful, please contact  me.

Selected Photos of the Immigrant Generation

Top Row: Aloysius, Clemens, Bernard


Bottom Row: Leo, Benedict, Anton

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